About The Antique Mirror Glass Company, LLC

About The Antique Mirror Glass Company, LLC

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In 2006 this company was originally Timeless Reflections, Inc however after a long battle with Covid19 the company owned and operated by Rob Schramm closed doors in 2021.  Over the last 2 years Rob spent many hours re-vamping a new business plan that would make the new company he planned better then ever.  This is how The Antique Mirror Glass Company, LLC was formed! 

What’s new and how will it benefit you?

  • Complete Fabrication
  1. V-Grooving
  2. Beveling / Pencil and Flat Polishing
  3. Shapes
  4. CNC cutting
  5. Waterjetting
  6. Etching
  • 10 Antique Mirror Glass Finishes (Machine Made)
  1. Old Chicago
  2. Tuscany
  3. Savannah
  4. Salem
  5. Old Castle (new)
  6. Farmhouse (new)
  7. Paris (new)
  8. Nouveau (new)
  9. Light Fog (new)
  10. Cafe’ (new)
  • Beautiful Handmade Antique Mirror Glass (Finishes are adjustable and able to be applied to switch covers, table toppers, shelving and a wide variety of glass thicknesses from 1/8",4mm 5/32" (standard), 3/16" and 1/4".  Other thicknesses also available.
  1. Gothic
  2. Speak Easy
  3. Mystic
  4. Mayhem
  5. Circa1920
  6. Circa1875
  7. Gold Rush
  8. Aged Copper
  9. Prohibition
  10. Mercury

More handmade finishes will be added overtime, however if you want a custom made finish for your project contact Rob at 815-663-8148

  • 2 Week Turnaround
    While 2 weeks may seem like a longer time period, it is 5 weeks less then standard in the glass industry at this time.
  • Discounted Finishes
    While we understand that not everyone can afford a huge wall of mirror, we have a way to accommodate everyone.  Our discounted line offers lots of mirror at discounted prices and free shipping.
  • Full help with install questions - If you have an installer that has questions or your needing help with your DIY skills Rob is there to help.  Simply call or text 815-663-8148 and talk to the owner of the company who has 30+ years of experience

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