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Antique Mirror Glass Prep PDF
Antique Mirror Glass Prep PDF

Prepping for install of Antique Mirror Glass - Printable PDF

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    Antique Mirror Glass Prep PDF Antique Mirror Glass Prep PDF

    Product Details

    This is a printable PDF that you can use as reference while awaiting your mirrors to arrive.  

    While we appreciate that you want to order antique mirror glass, we know that not everyone orders from us.  This PDF for is printable and available to the public because we feel no matter who you order from, proper prep will give you long lasting beauty if installed correctly.

    If you are ordering from Antique Mirror Glass Company, LLC you can call Rob at 815-663-8148 and he will help you though the install each and every step of the way.  If you are ordering from someone else Rob is not available to the public not ordering from us.

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