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Prohibition Antique (Subway / Square tiles) Antique Mirror Glass - Multiple Sizes - PER SF PRICE

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Subway or Square Sizes

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    Shipping is calculated based on weight and size of the package. If your order goes over $500 on select items you may use the code:


    If the code does not work then it is not usable with that item.

    For larger item orders, custom cut orders if we do not offer a dicount on shipping simply contact Rob at 815-663-8148 and see if lower price shipping is available

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    Returns are only available for tiles offered with no discounts. There is no returns on DISCOUNTED TILES, no returns on TILES CUT TO YOUR SIZE and a 25% restocking fee on all tiles. You will also be responsible for return shipping.

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    Product Details

    Prohibition Antique Mirror Glass


    Prohibition Antique can be ordered in 1/8, 4mm (5/32) standard, 3/16 and 1/4
    It can be done on table toppers, shelving, panels and tiles.

    Description = Heavily antiqued with a modeled appearance of blacks / greys and silver background.

    Below you will see the main picture as the finish up close, then the 24" x 24" panel, then in a 12" x 12" tile and the example of the 3 tiles they are 6" x 6" tiles pictured to give you a feeling of how different each tile will look even though they are cut out of the same panel.

    Each piece that you order is the same in color however each tile will have its own look and feel giving your space a unique quality of appearance.

    By using the size menu you can choose the size of the tile you would like. Each size is priced per sf and that price will change based on the number of sq feet you order.  Once you hit a new threshold your price per sf will go down. 

    EXAMPLE:  You tell us how many sq ft you need including a 10% add on in case of breakage and let us calculate how many tiles you need.  If you choose 6” x 6” tiles and you need 25 square feet including the 10% you would put in 25 and we would know that you would need 100 tiles to send you.

    We will calculate the number of tiles you need based on your sf needs.  If you need help with calculating your space either call 815-663-8148 or email

    We also offer cut to sizes, meaning we can cut the tiles to your specs OR we can sell you 1/2 and full sheets.  Use our ESTIMATE FORM to get a free estimate!

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