Antique Mirror Glass Can be used for more then just walls….

Antique Mirror Glass Can be used for more then just walls….

Old Chicago Antique applied to a complete table… 

While the assumption for the most part is that antique mirror glass can only be used for backsplashes, wall applications, framed or even ceilings that could not be further from the truth.  We have many customers that use our antique mirror as table inserts (see illustration - 2), under jewelry in display cases, inserted in other art or even mosaic (see illustration - 3).  In the header application Old Chicago antique mirror was applied to a custom made table for a very unique and decorative application.

Questions or help on your idea call Rob at 815-663-8148 or use our ESTIMATE FORM which will allow you to upload photos as well

Antique Mirror Glass Counter Insert

Antique Mirror Glass Counter insert (table top insert)

Antique Mirror Glass Mosaic

Antique Mirror Glass Mosaic photo provided by:
Laurel True of True Mosaics


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