V-Grooving on Antique Mirror Glass - What is it?  How can it benefit?

V-Grooving on Antique Mirror Glass - What is it? How can it benefit?

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What is v-grooving?

V-groove glass adds a touch of elegance and enhances the overall aesthetics of a space. Similar to chiseling a piece of wood, glass fabricators cut V-shaped lines — both linear and curved — into the surface of a pane of glass to create intricate designs.

How can v-grooving benefit me?

V-grooving harlequins

As in the example above an application of harlequins requires either a lot of additional labor installing and cutting individual tiles OR by using v-grooving you can simply install a single piece of antique mirror with the design already v-grooved into it and in a matter of minutes you have a quick and easy solution?

What is the general cost?

The cost greatly depends on the difficulty of the project at hand but for the most part on a install such as diamonds or harlequins the cost is generally 50% less then labor to install them individually.

What is the benefit commercially?

EXAMPLE:  if you have a hotel and you’d like to have a diamond pattern installed into 80 rooms, you can either have a installer work for 4-6 hours per room to install the individual tiles OR you can have a installer apply mastic to the back of the mirror panel that is v-grooved and in about 10 minutes per room install the panel and walk to the next room.

How can I see up close what v-grooving looks like?

Click this link: V-GROOVE SAMPLE

The sample is $50 and is done on a 1/4” piece of Paris Antique Mirror Glass Tile which is 12” x 12” with a pencil polished edge.  NOTE:  The sample is 100% credited in you purchase a job $1500 or more.

How can a get a quote?

This is very simple…. Click this link:  ESTIMATE FORM

Once you pull up the estimate form you will be able to quickly and easily request an estimate and give Rob info on your needs as well as photos of your area.

What are some designs that can be done?

V-Groove options

Other install pictures:

Diamond pattern v-groove

Diamond pattern v-groove

Questions or to talk to Rob call 815-663-8148

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Elina Brooks
Elina Brooks

Thank you for explaining to us that V-grooving adds elegance to mirror glasses and enhances their overall aesthetic by cutting V-shaped lines into the surface for intricate designs. My cousin manages a glass company that sells windows and mirrors, so he is considering adding ones with V-groove designs to their products soon. I’ll take note of this while I help him look for V-groove services to hire for his glass products soon. https://www.ecd-co.com/v-grooving

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