Best practices for easy and professional installation of Antique Mirror Glass

Best practices for easy and professional installation of Antique Mirror Glass

While there are many ways to install antique mirror glass to the wall, following these practices will give you the best results.

  1. Start with a good foundation!  This means that if your drywall is damaged fix it like your plan is to paint it.  Damaged drywall is not your friend in this instance because it will lend to many different issues down the road.
  2. Once repaired and sound you need to prime and paint the area black, charcoal or darker grey.  WHY?  If there are and there will be tiny gaps (explained soon) the blackened color will act like a shadow instead of a white or off white color.
  3. Plan ahead and layout before installing.  This can be done on a table, the floor but it gives you an idea of what you will be looking at once its installed.
  4. USE CARDSTOCK BETWEEN TILES:  The use of card stock is not as important as just installing but during season changes your house or building will move and by simply adding card stock (business card thickness) you will leave a small gap between tiles and when the house moves this small gap gives you space so the tiles do not brush together thus small chance the tiles will touch
  5. Tape each tile to each other until cured (3 days) this mean vertically and horizontally.  This aids in keeping the tiles from shifting when placing the other tiles in place.
  6. DO NOT USE A WET SAW - while tile install uses the wet saw these are NOT tiles these are mirror cut in the shape of a tile and must be treated as such.
  7. Take your time, there is no need for speed
  8. If you or your installer has questions please call before you install!  Rob is always happy to aid anyone in getting the most out of your investment and wants nothing more then to give you the result you are looking for!

Antique Mirror Glass Bathroom Install

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