Correct Mirror Adhesive - Loctite PL530

Correct Mirror Adhesive - Loctite PL530

When prepping to install antique mirror glass I get many questions on the proper way to adhere the mirror to the wall.  While mastic like Palmer and Gunther are the pro’s alternative and a great option we know that this is NOT available to the masses.  A great cost saving way and one that we have recommended for years is a product by the company Loctite and while there are many different Loctite adhesives they are NOT all created equal for adhering mirror.  Here is the most economical mastic we have found.

Loctite PL 530 (Mirror, Marble and Granite adhesive)

This is available at almost every Lowes, Home Depot and Menards we have been to and in 17 years have never had 1 issue of burn through.  You can find this product in the paint department at all of these places where you find the caulk.

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