Antique Mirror Glass Harlequins - The Goods and the Bads

Antique Mirror Glass Harlequins - The Goods and the Bads

Harlequins cut into Antique Mirror Glass

Before you begin your decision on whether or not harlequins are good for you there are a number of things that you need to know.

  1. Installing harlequins take a skilled installer (bad)
  2. Harlequins take up more then 25% overage based on installer breakage where normal installs such as square tiles or rectangle require 10% overage. (bad)
  3. Time to install is much longer and have to be installed correctly to prevent chipping or cracking when your house moves (bad)
  4. Harlequins take layout planning to determine size and quantity  (bad)
  5. Harlequins require (for easier application) the outlets and switches to be moved out of the way however that is not 100% of the time. (bad)
  6. When installed you can not beat the beauty of antique mirror glass harlequins (good)
  7. Harlequins automatically give a unique look and feel and can be installed with or without rosettes 🏵️ (good)
  8. There is options to installing harlequins in single tiles (see our section on - v-grooving) V-GROOVING (good)
  9. Antique Mirror Glass Company, LLC can do the layout for you using your measurements and you can request a layout by using the ESTIMATE FORM (good)
  10. There is a cost for the Harlequin layout which is $125 - HARLEQUIN LAYOUT however if you hire the work and the bill is $1500 or more we will credit this money back - EXCEPTION there is no layout refund for not hiring or if you go with v-grooving layout instead.

Harlequin - v-groove antique mirror glass

V-Grooved harlequins - Easy install in 1 single panel

Single harlequin install - antique mirror glass

Separate piece harlequin install with antique mirror glass rosettes.

Company logo - antique mirror glass company

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